Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App Reviews

Doesnt work

It does not work

it always shows me f’s

my mom made me get the app to see my grades & yes i ditch school, yes i don’t do my homework, yes i fail every test but i just don’t understand why it still says that my grades are all f’s. like i’m doing everything right & it’s just glitching on me man i really just want a’s so pls fix this i would really like the graduate

do NOT recommend; just use the website

i got this app in the hope that it would enable me to be able to keep a faster track of my grades without the arduous task of logging in every time. boy oh boy, was i wrong. this app is HORRIBLE! it kicked me out time after time, wouldn’t “establish a connection” even with 4 bars of LTE service and 4 bars of Wi-Fi, and wasn’t even accurate on the rare times that it actually showed me my grades. i ended up using the website instead just because it operates better. i’m only giving it two stars because on the rare occasions that it did its job, it did only that; it showed me my grades. if you’re a student, JUST USE THE WEBSITE!! it may take more time but at least you’ll get all of the information you need instead of a faulty app. TL;DR, WASTE OF STORAGE SPACE. HORRIBLE APP. DOESN’T WORK. USE THE WEBSITE INSTEAD.

This is a great app to look at grades on Mobile Devices

I love this app. I use it every day to look at my grades and keep up with my scores. Right away, I know if I have a missing assignment because it’s right there to remind me when I get notified. This app is especially good for parent who would like to keep up with three students grades. Overall, this is a great app to look at grades.

Can’t find my school district

I tried to enter in my school district and state, and it said “district not found”. It worked for my friend, but not for me.

Needs fixes

The app is good but I don’t get no notifications on tests assignments or nothing no more and it’s getting annoying.


This app does not help keep in track but does not ever notifies me if I have something missing so this app needs so much work that I hate

Update !!! For iPhone X

The only reason I’m giving it a 2 star is because the lack of support they give to the iPhone X , every school app is optimized except this one, I hate seeing these two black bars under or above the interface

For fellow parents

This app is great to track your child. But you can’t even do that. The app takes weeks to even get an assignment to sync to campus. Stick to the website. Didn’t even get 2 semester till the last day of my kids freshman year

iPhone X !

Make a update to it’s not boxed on the iPhone X !

Great app but some people complain MUST READ

I love this app so I can check my grades on the the go. Some people rely on this app too much. It’s not the creators fault. It’s theirs they become obsessed with checking their grades on the app but in reality it’s just those people. If you don’t rely on this app 24/7 like me it’s a great app and 10/10 recommend!! ❤️the app!

How do you do it???

How do you sign in. My teacher told me to get this app but never told us how to sign in

To bad

I suggest you to check every day but do not take away fun things.Great for instant notifications

People who 1 star are haters

This app is great it’s easy the formats nice. it includes features like a planner that tells you what classes you have that day, when the bell rings, and everything’s nice and simple!

I can’t get in!!

I keep putting School District Of Philadelphia and it pops up as no school district found. I have an account for sure with them because I can get in by going to the district website. Please help it would make it so easier for me

Keeps saying can not connect.

It doesn’t work. It keeps saying to update in settings, but that doesn’t work either. None of it works. Please help.

It’s bad but not as bad as my grades

My grades are pretty bad


I love this! I love being able to keep up with my grades!! I just wish there was a way to look at my current grades instead of just my mid-quarter and end of quarter grades

Update your app for iPhone X

I have always used this app but ever since I got my 7 Plus to now my X this app has never fir the screen correctly. On my 7 Plus it was always so big and now on my X it us tiny and only fits half of the screen. Please fix the screen sizes and your notifications. Thank you.

iPhone X Support!

I am requesting that you guys please add iPhone X support. It’s been a long time and the iPhone X support hasn’t came out yet. It would really give me a better experience using this app, thanks!

No notifications??

I have all notifications on but am not receiving any please fix this.


infinite campus? more like infinite camplus!!!


Yesterday I tried logging in all day and it wouldn't let me. I tried 20 times then it said "your account is in dire need of attention please log in through browser" so I did THEN it let me log in. I typed in the correct username and password multiple times but it won't let me log in on the app but it will let me log in the browser? FIX THIS!!!! Jeez I'm out sick for a week and now you want to mess up on me.

Doesn’t even show you full assignment name.

When viewing a child’s list of assignments, it truncates the name the teacher puts in. So, assignment called “nutrition and fitness unit homework #5” becomes “nutrition and fitness unit...” which is obviously useless. Incredibly poor execution on this app.

Hmm this app is ok.

But like they could use some updating. This looks like a web page that was around in the 00s. It looks like MySpace but worse and that says something. It’s worse then the new Snapchat update. It’s worse then stepping in water with socks on. It’s worse then stubbing your pinky toe on the coffee table. Sorry just had to drag this app real quick byeee.

No way

It’s horrible it doesn't update you if you get a grade and sometimes there is no grade or the grade doesn’t make sense

Worthless app

First prompt is for District name, second is State. I tried U46, U-46, School District U46, School District U-46, as well as all of those in lower case. All I get is the “Search again” bar. Just FYI, I did put my state in, Illinois.

District name

I look up my district name and it doesn’t come up at all. I’ve used the app before but then it wouldn’t let me access the planner so I deleted it and now I can’t go back in


It worked on my old phone but I recently got a new phone and it won’t access anything fix it !!!


I love the App when it works. Lately it doesn’t show grades or assignments and there is no one to contact for help. The school just says to delete and reinstall, but that did nothing. They need a way to be contacted when issues occur. So far it’s worthless

No results found??

I tried writing district name as Lexington and state obviously as Kentucky but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any feedbacks??


It will not show grades unless you refresh it twice and it no longer sends me notifications. Think after months they would update it.


it won’t let me log in !!

Could be better

It’s okay. It allows you to check your grades and attendance. It’s helpful. Needs an update though!

Doesn't send me notifications.

I've repeatedly saved "send notifications" for assignments and grades on this app, but it won't send notifications when I get assignments or grades. It used to work, but it won't now.

needs improvement.

i have had this app for awhile and i love it. it’s a great way to keep up with my grades and assignments, however the format is outdated and doesn’t work well with the iphone x. needs a new update.

One problem


Problems logging in

I’ve been using the app for a while since it is the system that my school uses, but not until recently have I had any major issues. I have deleted and redownloaded the app several times in attempt to fix the the issue, but every time after trying to log in it pops up that it cannot authenticate user. This has been occurring for some time now. Please help.


Half of the time when I’m trying to check my grades IT WILL NOT SHOW ME. Sometimes if I turn my phone completely off and then back on it’ll work but sometimes it won’t. If the point of the app is to know when my grades are put it and what my grade is then why doesn’t it do that!! Plz fix it

Please update for iPhone X

Needs an update. Also notifications don’t really seem to work.


Please optimize to iPhone X! It’s so annoying!


Attention doods and doodetts I have F’s so this app suks and it should delete its self

Makes you stress

This app is pretty helpful, but now I worry every time I open my grades. Even when I see a B I freak out. My family has high expectations, and if I see a bad grade I get really stressed. I still use it, but I’ve deleted once over stress. Yeah... I’m not a perfect student.


used to work decent and be okay, but now it won’t even refresh grades. terrible


I used to get notifications and that stopped despite notifications being “allowed”. Now, it gave me a note saying I must log in from a web browser or computer vs the app on my phone. Cannot get on from my laptop either. I’ve deleted and restored the app several times. Not it says “cannot connect to infinite campus”. This is a horrible horrible app.

Why is this so inferior to the Android version?

I had the Android version and recently switched to IOS when I got an iPhone. In the other version I would get a nice overview of all grades at the top of the grades feed. In the IOS app I have to scroll past so much to find the grades at the very bottom. I hope there is a plan to change the iOS interface to match the Android app’s interface, because this is very disappointing.

Great but weird bug

This is a great app and all but I found a small bug. It shows my grades being low. I know this can’t be true because I watch rick and morty. Please fix.

Wasted space

I can not view anything. I have uninstalled and installed so many times. I give up.

No notifications anymore

I am never notified of anything that pops up on the app! Makes it hard!!

Needs work

Should be able to receive notifications for missing assignments and/or past due dates. Should be able to set reminders for upcoming due dates.


I have children in two different school districts but I can only get notifications from only one. As soon as I log into one district, I stop getting notifications from the other district. I used to be able to get notifications from both districts, but I don’t anymore.

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