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add google sign in?

I used to use this app through 7th grade and then my district changed the sign in to google sign in because other students were forgetting their passwords. I really miss using this app, i’m in 9th grade now and I need it more than ever. So please add google sign in! Hesperia Unified School District will thank you!

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Doesn't support iPhone X

I have ocd ok fix it

Waste of space

This is nowhere comparable to the online version. Please update to reflect the desktop features.

Any plans to update?

This app looks like it was created in 2008 and hasn’t been touched since. Any plans to bring this app to the 2010’s?

The app works but it gives me stress

I be doing just fine and like I already know I have late work and be trying to do it but my mom be like wjsijwkwjwksjwj why do you have late work and that’s just makes me un motivated smh 🤦‍♀️

Acquire aesthetic intricacies

Although the application itself has operated as described and functions well for retrieving desired information regarding my educational establishment, modernization and aesthetic streamlining of the application would yield more usage and higher levels of admiration as the removal of clunkiness and - frankly - ugliness of the app would greatly improve the experience of the general user.

Mr crites

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Can't log in on mobile

I updated the app on my iPhone. I logged out and logged back in with a freshly-set password. All I get is "cannot authenticate user". The same credentials work fine on the website. The app is broken. Please fix it.

Makes school life 10x worse

All I want is to check my schedule and get my grades, but their joke of a backend (Giant XML files for each user no actual database) which causes retrieval times to be anywhere between 10-20 seconds completely ruins that experience. It's mediocre at it's very very best, the way data is managed is horrendous. You have to manually refresh every time; otherwise, you're looking at old data, which is terrible when viewing grades. The notification system is a joke and doesn't even exist since it's caked with bugs. If you change your password, you have to reinstall the app to get it working again, etc. Bottom line, don't get this app. You're better off checking your grades now and then through a browser because even if the app worked utterly perfect, it would become dangerous since students have (see other reviews) and inevitably will become addicted to checking their grades. They'll be making sure that they do everything perfect which is impossible and has / will lead them to depression and even as far as suicide, a significant problem with youth. Although the last points are probably flaws in the school system itself, this attempt of an app isn't helping in any way, which is why I strongly recommend against getting this app. TO THE DEVELOPERS; This isn't the 20th century anymore, update your app. I'm 15 and I could write a better system than this. It seriously scares me how poorly user data is managed which I assume has and will lead to some significant data breaches of student info. This whole platform (app, website, everything) seriously needs to be rethought at an executive level, and redesigned in a way that is accommodating for a hectic and stressful student lifestyle, one that looks and works (backend) like it belongs in this century and one that's useful to staff (being a student I obviously have no idea how that works in the current state, but it's still a prominent feature). I can't write everything that needs to be considered in creating a new infinite campus, but the only way to go from here is up so why not at least try it.


I have a glitch that when I log in to my account it doesn’t show me my current grades. Instead it shows me grades from months ago. My only issue but the reason I got this app was to see my grades.

Downloaded and deleted

I’m a teacher. “Could not authenticate user”. Delete.


App is generic and works as if created by a low level company, or individual still learning and with limited resources. Kind of embarrassing really.

Needs ability to switch portals

Having kids in two different school districts makes this app cumbersome. It would be nice if I could enter credentials for both portals and switch between the two rather than having to fully log out and log back in again.


Gives me depression

Different on Samsung

The Samsung phones have an option on this app to see your students schedule in the drop down. Why is this not available for iPhone users?

I can’t log in! :(

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Says i have no grade over a 70%. It’s obviously broken

No updates

This app hasn’t been updated and I can’t get any support for it. I have questions, but it takes me to the infinite campus website and there is no place to search. Looking for Responsive Schedule tab and it is not there and no where to search.

:( bad grades

Doesn’t give me good grades :(

Full Acccess

This doesn’t allow me to have access to all the tabs unless I login to a full web view. I wish I could see all my tabs

Not good with iPhone X

I recently bought an iPhone X and when I got this app I was very upset to find out that the app hadn’t been updated to accommodate the iPhone X’s screen size. I hope the app is updated so it make the app look nicer and not so old fashioned.

Logging in

I have tried logging in SO MANY TIMES. But apparently, “No Search Results Found”. I put in MULTIPLE ones. My old and new one. Please explain to me why I can’t login.

It’s okay

I can check my grades and schedule but they need to update it

Why is IC in the browser different?

Why can’t the app be as in-depth as the website? As a parent being able to access ALL the info through the app would be amazing. Why have an app that is so different than the website?


Doesn’t work at all still won’t let me login.


I can’t even log in to this app

Too basic

I’d like to say a few things. First off, the app does what it really needs to do. It has course grades, assignment scores, attendance, etc... But being totally honest, the app is a bore! I find myself checking the website instead of the app because of really basic problems. I am a high school student based in Minnesota. Most schools here use this program, and naturally we all download this app for convenience. But we honestly get the opposite. The website is much more in-depth and I think that is exactly what this app is lacking.

Very outdated

Needs to be upgraded! Android version is just like the website

Very Disappointing...

I downloaded this app for the sole purpose of checking my grades. But it works TERRIBLY! The app will not let me get past the first page: District Name and State. Of course I know my district but it doesn’t even work. In my opinion DON’T get this app, you would be better off using the website.

iPhone X

Please optimize the app for the iPhone X

Notification issues

It should update automatically when opened. I can't see the full options when choosing grades and attendance notifications and when I do set them I don't receive them at all. No notifications about grades even though I have the options picked. Everything I have is most recent from Apple too.

So frustrating to navigate

The app will not save my settings for notifications (I have them enabled, I deleted and reinstalled; I have saved multiple times, but every time I log out or refresh it erases the settings. I have been trying to find a way to contact support to no avail; I can’t find the “create Campus ID” in portal, and every time I click on support anywhere, it takes me to the login screen where, again, there is no Help, Support, or Contact option (even on the website).

This is one of the worst apps ever

This app is completely unreliable I’ve gotten grades in months ago and the app still doesn’t show them literally useless the website works fine but this app needs to be fixed so I can actually see My grades and not from 2 months ago

Help me login?

I have my login and such but it keeps telling me, “could not authenticate user”. Why is this?

it always shows me f’s

my mom made me get the app to see my grades & yes i ditch school, yes i don’t do my homework, yes i fail every test but i just don’t understand why it still says that my grades are all f’s. like i’m doing everything right & it’s just glitching on me man i really just want a’s so pls fix this i would really like the graduate

do NOT recommend; just use the website

i got this app in the hope that it would enable me to be able to keep a faster track of my grades without the arduous task of logging in every time. boy oh boy, was i wrong. this app is HORRIBLE! it kicked me out time after time, wouldn’t “establish a connection” even with 4 bars of LTE service and 4 bars of Wi-Fi, and wasn’t even accurate on the rare times that it actually showed me my grades. i ended up using the website instead just because it operates better. i’m only giving it two stars because on the rare occasions that it did its job, it did only that; it showed me my grades. if you’re a student, JUST USE THE WEBSITE!! it may take more time but at least you’ll get all of the information you need instead of a faulty app. TL;DR, WASTE OF STORAGE SPACE. HORRIBLE APP. DOESN’T WORK. USE THE WEBSITE INSTEAD.

This is a great app to look at grades on Mobile Devices

I love this app. I use it every day to look at my grades and keep up with my scores. Right away, I know if I have a missing assignment because it’s right there to remind me when I get notified. This app is especially good for parent who would like to keep up with three students grades. Overall, this is a great app to look at grades.

Can’t find my school district

I tried to enter in my school district and state, and it said “district not found”. It worked for my friend, but not for me.

Needs fixes

The app is good but I don’t get no notifications on tests assignments or nothing no more and it’s getting annoying.


This app does not help keep in track but does not ever notifies me if I have something missing so this app needs so much work that I hate

Update !!! For iPhone X

The only reason I’m giving it a 2 star is because the lack of support they give to the iPhone X , every school app is optimized except this one, I hate seeing these two black bars under or above the interface

For fellow parents

This app is great to track your child. But you can’t even do that. The app takes weeks to even get an assignment to sync to campus. Stick to the website. Didn’t even get 2 semester till the last day of my kids freshman year

iPhone X !

Make a update to it’s not boxed on the iPhone X !

Great app but some people complain MUST READ

I love this app so I can check my grades on the the go. Some people rely on this app too much. It’s not the creators fault. It’s theirs they become obsessed with checking their grades on the app but in reality it’s just those people. If you don’t rely on this app 24/7 like me it’s a great app and 10/10 recommend!! ❤️the app!

How do you do it???

How do you sign in. My teacher told me to get this app but never told us how to sign in

To bad

I suggest you to check every day but do not take away fun things.Great for instant notifications

People who 1 star are haters

This app is great it’s easy the formats nice. it includes features like a planner that tells you what classes you have that day, when the bell rings, and everything’s nice and simple!

I can’t get in!!

I keep putting School District Of Philadelphia and it pops up as no school district found. I have an account for sure with them because I can get in by going to the district website. Please help it would make it so easier for me

Keeps saying can not connect.

It doesn’t work. It keeps saying to update in settings, but that doesn’t work either. None of it works. Please help.

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