Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App Reviews

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Doesnt work

After having this app for several years and it working fine, when I did the latest iOS update, it will no longer work on any of my devices.

Wont work

It wont let me or my mom log in. We clearly put in the right information and it wont let us in on the app. It works on the web browser but not on here for some reason.

Watch app

Good app for phone can you make an Apple Watch app?


Awesome app I give it one star

Hate it

I cant see my GPA or my class rank, which I need since Im a senior and trying to get valedictorian. Its extremely hard to create an account (doesnt help that my school never tells us anything and didnt give us our student activation codes). Overall, I like PowerSchool much better and wish my school had kept it for at least this year until I graduate.

Read if u want true explanation

This app is amazing!!!!!! It tells me all my grades, all my assignments, and more! The people who say it is bad got to a school that doe not use the app. Check with your school and if they use Infinite Campus I HIGHLY recommend it! Best app I have used in a while!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Could use some updating

Its really great as a parent to be able to check my childs grades but why on earth can I add more students?? I have several children in school, and I have to log out and log back in for each one. That should be an easy fix.

Issues with iPhone

So this is a nice way to track attendance and lunch accounts for my elementary school kids. However, I cant see all the settings on my iPhone and was getting all kinds of notifications that I didnt want. But since I couldnt see the settings, I couldnt change them until I got the app on the iPad. Isnt that convenient? I went through 3 levels of tech support that wouldnt have been necessary if the app turned to landscape so I could see it all.

Wont load

The app wont let me in even though i have the district ID. The app wont load the ID and i have deleted the app many times and re-downloaded it. Nothing seems to work.

No notifications with iPhone 7

Since getting my new phone, Im not getting any notifications. Please help!!

Very frustrating

This is such a frustrating app to view my sons grades on. It will show the subject name, like math, then in parentheses it will have a subtitle that explains the assignment a little better, but I can never see the full subtitle. For example, one of his grades is for Mathematics (counting up to Counting up to what? I dont know because I cant see it. I click on the arrow next to it and the subtitle is even less clear. I turn my phone thinking that if the screen is in landscape the subtitle will have the room to be visible, but guess what? This app doesnt rotate! I shouldnt have to email his teachers for clarification on his grades, this app is supposed to show me where he is succeeding and where he needs help. Well, it falls short, so I guess Ill be that parent that asks a bunch of questions that should already be answered via this portal.

Not working

Notifications no longer appear. Ive checked all the settings, logged on and off, and reinstalled. Nothing has fixed up. Hoping for an update for iOS 10.

So bad

Im trying to view my grades, but it wont refresh, and wont show all my classes. Do not get this app. It doesnt work

Doesnt work

I open it up then login but it says its wrong then j go to my school and tell them they try to do it and its still wrong this this app is terrible!!!! DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great simple app.

As a student, I have had no trouble using this app. I think it is solid overall and the only thing that could be changed is the refreshing button that you have to hit.

Needs Meaningful Update

This app is normally "ok," maybe better with a faculty that actually bothers to use it before assignments are already past due, which isnt the case at my sons school. But thats about her gripe. Current issue: No notifications since iOS10x. Would also be nice if updated for modern iPhones and resolutions, too. Still with the cruddy overscaled fonts and keyboard?? Eww.

No notifications

Ever since the iOS update I stopped getting notifications on my iPhone 7 Plus. Ive tried in notifications setting turning them off and on and also in the app itself turning them off and on. Nothing works. Please fix!!

Never works

I have had to re download this app more that 20 times. Its always flakey and never works properly.


Why are the reviews so low? Yes the mobile edition is better as in you can actually add money to account etc. But the app allows you to receive notifications and such so great app. Really useful to find out grades.


I gave it a two because after all it showed me SOME classes grades.. im a freshmen & obviously need to have my grades handy. It only gave me 3 of my classes semester grades.. overall its a confusing app!

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