Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App Reviews

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Limited uses but if it could keep track of more on one app it would be great!

Works great!!

This app works great for checking my grades or what is going on at my school.


The thing doesnt work and doesnt even load. Worst app I ever got. To think people actually like it is beyond stupid!

Teacher portal

There should be a teacher portal app as well. It would make grading on the go so much easier!!

Lack of development/features

I dont eat lunch at school and Im on top of my grades 24/7. The only thing Id like the app to do is send me a notification if school is canceled/delayed along with updates on sporting events(scores, time changes, etc.), and useful access to my grades. One feature I would love to see is grade anticipation: if I could enter what a potential grade in and see what it would do to my grade, that would be very useful in helping me manage my time. Also, it would be nice if the default menu was not the settings, I dont want to be given the option to turn on alerts about my lunch accounts every time I open the app. Additionally Im a computer programmer with college credit, so I understand that it wouldnt be difficult to develop the and add useful features people could use. But perhaps the people at infinite campus are clueless, seeing as this app looks to be a very early prototype gone wrong.

Teacher version?

Still waiting for a teacher version....I would really like to be able to enter grades and take attendance on a mobile app. Website does not work well on ipad.

Jupiter ed is way better

This was a bed site/app my school chose I tried re logging in to my account but its says "my school has disabled notifications" but everyone else is fine,why?

App not working

My son and I keep getting message about cookies not being set to never. We have tried all different settings on our iPhones and nothing seems to work. Please fix.

They will not give you the code

It appears that I should have a "get district Id" button yet there is no button for me to push. It seems that they could of disabled mobile infinite campus.

Bad, just bad

Ive come out of my way to write this so you better look at it, anyways before I could use it no problem but since a new update or whatever you have done, it has been a struggle to be able to use the app. I can only see 2 grades for 2 of my subjects and it is utterly disgusting. Im on an apple device so I dont know if you have this problem on any other platforms, but you need to make the app more simple, because thats whats appealing and easy about having an app. Fix it and thank you, it has been your favorite user T-Homas.

Not good anymore

Used to work well, now it does not send me notifications after I switched phones.


I love this app

Would be 5 stars if Notifications worked again!!

Love this app- when it WORKS-- it seems like someone could figure out how to update the app when Apple updates IOS.. used to receive notifications now I have to go in and manually update then scroll through the classes to see if my childrens teachers have entered grades. Please fix!!

All messed up

The app doesnt let me in any more "needs authentication"... I have no problem logging in online, but the app doesnt let me. Also, before when new grades were announced, you always had to refresh after opening the app. One would think that the new info would already be displayed when you reopen the app. Needs to be fixed!


A great way to keep up with my grades in high school but I think it would be a cool idea to have like a thing where u can put in a projected grade that u might make to see how much it will bring up or down your grade in that class

Really bad

When I opened it, it just crashed.It wouldnt load my grades, and when I got back in, it had logged me out. It asked me for my district ID. No one has that anymore since its November. Now I have no way to check my grades on my phone.


Its a good app. It shows your attendence, Planner, Schedule, Grades and It allows you to turn on notifications to alert you got a new grade witch is awesome!!. After all its ok.

Used to work before

Its a very good app checking and tracking with all my grades but i deleted the app during fall break. And when i redownloded it after it, it kept saying that my "account needed attention" and that i had to go to the website to fix it. It said that it was supposed to show a CAPTCHA when youve put the wrong password a number of times but it didnt show. I cant check my grades anymore! Plz fix this!!


Wont authenticate my username and password no matter what I do. Disappointing to say the least.

So frustrating

Today it logged me out and its not letting me back in?! Telling me there is a issue to go to web portal? And it also says there is no such district number that the school gave me? Confused. I need help!!!!!

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